Mondo Grow Kits Review

Mondo Grow Kits Review, Utilizing the Mondo mushroom growkits is simple. As with every psilocybe grow kit, it is crucial to set it up as soon as it arrives since it is still free of dangerous germs and/or fungus. You may store the mushroom grow kit in the refrigerator for a minimum of one month.

Before putting the grow kit in the refrigerator, make sure it is thoroughly cleaned. Grow kits are frequently demonstrated to be improperly stored, which has an impact on both the culture and the grow kit’s condition.

Mondo Grow Kits Review

Thus, it’s preferable to set up the growkit for psilocybe magic mushrooms as soon as you arrive. After cleaning your hands, you take the Mondo Grow Kits Review out of its packing and add water to it.

After letting it soak for twelve hours, carefully pour the water out. Fill the provided bag or bag for mushroom growing with 150 milliliters of water.

After inserting the psilocybe Mondo grow kit inside it, fold the grow bag twice at the opening to seal it. You now have to wait for the mushroom hats, or the first pins, to emerge.

After it has emerged, use a spray bottle (maximum 1-2 pumps) to hydrate the growbag or bag once a day. At this point, the CO2 must leave and new H20 and O2 are needed for the magic Mondo like the All-In-One psilocybe mushroom growkits.

What you get with the Mondo Growkit?

Everything you need to produce gorgeous, huge, and distinctive magic mushrooms is included in the psilocybe Mondo magic mushroom growkit. For instance, the Mondo grow kit comes with a paper clip, a grow bag, and a grow box that holds 1200 or 2100cc. All that’s lacking is water that you could drink directly from the faucet. Note: While Dutch tap water is sufficiently clean for growing magic mushrooms, tap water from other nations may not be equally pure. To minimize this danger, we advise using spring water when assembling your Mondo mushroom grow kit.

Are multiple harvests (flushes) possible with the Mondo Growkits?

With the Mondo Grow Kits Review, it’s also simple to get several harvests, up to a maximum of four, just like with the Fresh and All In One growkits. To make place for the subsequent flush (harvest), it is crucial to fully remove the psilocybe magic mushroom from the mycelium in a circular motion while harvesting it. The following harvest will be quite disappointing if no space is made, and the reason for this is that old magic mushrooms obstruct the psilocybe mushrooms from growing.

How much yield does a Mondo Growkit give?

We offer two distinct sizes of Mondo magic mushroom growkits for sale in our mushroom shop. The grow kits for 1200 and 2100cc. The size of the mycelium that gives rise to magic mushrooms is also determined by the contents of the grow kit. Thus, compared to a 1200cc grow kit, a 2100cc grow kit will yield more psilocybe mushrooms. If all goes according to plan, the 1200cc magic mushroom grow kit will yield a harvest of 300–600 grams of magic mushrooms, and the 2100cc will provide a crop of 700–900 grams. With just one psilocybe mushroom grow kit, you may cultivate a sizable number of dosages, as the recommended fresh mushroom dosage for each individual is 30 grams.

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Mondo cultivation information per grow kit

The cultivation information that can be found in the product description demonstrates how seriously Mondo takes the growing of psilocybe magic mushrooms. The cultivation difficulties, the substrate these psilocybe mushrooms live on, the colonization period, the colonization and fruit temperature are all stated for each strain of psilocybe mushrooms. Use grow materials at all times. Mondo offers excellent information about cultivating the perfect psilocybe mushroom mega harvest. When compared to other types, some demand a higher fruit temperature. The mycelium will be able to grow to its full potential and produce an abundance of psilocybe fruits (mushrooms) if the ideal fruit temperature is maintained. The mycelium in the Mondo psilocybe grow kits is strong and potent. Mondo Grow Kits Review

What makes the psilocybe magic mushrooms magical?

Psilocybin, which is converted by the body into psilocin, is a chemical found in magic mushrooms. The real hallucinogenic that interacts with the brain is called psilocin. It is this ingredient that has the ability to cause hallucinations, trips, and/or spiritual awakenings. After being converted into the chemical psilocin, it enters the circulation and travels to the brain. The hormone serotonin is the chemical that determines our mood, happiness, and sense of well-being. Psilocin and serotonin cells are seen by serotonin receptors as being the same thing. As a result, psilocin is able to attach itself to the serotonin receptor and produce strong entheogenic and hallucinogenic effects. The magical truffle also contains the chemical psilocybin.

Different Mondo grow kits and their strengths of psychedelic effects

We will go over the various kinds of magic mushroom strengths in relation to the Mondo grow kits in the sections that follow. Mondo’s collection is well-balanced. There is a psilocybin grow kit available for every skill level, from novice to highly skilled. Choosing an appropriate grow kit is crucial if you wish to utilize magic mushrooms for the first time. Ultimately, you really shouldn’t eat really potent mushrooms as a novice. This might completely sabotage your initial psilocybin magic mushroom experience. Strong mushrooms take a certain level of expertise.

Mondo grow kits for users who have no knowledge of psilocybin mushrooms:
  • Mondo GrowKit Cambodian
  • Mondo GrowKit Ban Hua Thai
  • Mondo GrowKit PES Hawaii
  • Mondo GrowKit B+
Mondo growkits for users who are familiar with the use of psilocybin mushrooms:
  • Mondo GrowKit Mazatapec
  • Mondo GrowKit Amazonian
  • Mondo GrowKit Treasure Coast
Mondo growkits for users who have experience with the use of psilocybin magic mushrooms:

How to grow psilocybe mushrooms with spores of the highest quality?

With its assortment of mushroom spores, Mondo is clearly approaching a professional industry. We have the spore syringe, for instance, which is ready to use. With the help of this spore syringe, you may distribute the spore drops around your substrate (your own breeding tank or bag) after you’ve made it. You won’t simply overdose on the substrate because the spore concentration in the Mondo spore syringe is so diluted. Several million magic mushroom spores are dissolved in 20 milliliters of sterile water within a Mondo spore syringe.

Do you have a little more knowledge about cultivating magic mushrooms from spores yourself? If so, this Mondo spore vial could be a useful remedy for you. When compared to the psilocybe Mondo spore syringe, the spore concentration is two times more. Millions of spores are dissolved in 10 milliliters of sterile water within a spore vial. It is advisable to dilute the concentration using a Liquid Culture when using these traces of concentrate. Moreover, a liquid culture helps the spores germinate more quickly. You will also be able to inoculate a lot more substrates with the Mondo Liquid Culture (solution), which will ultimately result in a greater harvest of mushrooms.
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Microdosing psilocybin truffles and magic mushrooms for mental beneficial?

Truffles or psilocybin magic mushrooms are not necessary to enjoy an amazing trip with potent effects. Truffles and psilocybe mushrooms are other sources of microdosing. You won’t feel anything violent when you take a microdosage; these are profound mental shifts. We also provide microdosing in a packaged, ready-to-use form. Each fresh truffle is carefully wrapped and the dosage is precisely calibrated.

Medicinal mushrooms without psychedelic effect

If you’re curious about therapeutic mushrooms. If so, you’re here at the proper location. For those who prefer not to experience the hallucinogenic benefits of the health benefits, we offer an excellent selection of medicinal mushrooms.

Which mushroom growkit can you buy at 24High?

You may just purchase a mushroom growkit from us. Unable to decide? (Contacting us at is always welcome. We will do our best to help you. Naturally, you may also look at our list of the top ten mushrooms. We will send you an email with the invoice and a track and trace as soon as your order is placed.

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