Magic Mushroom Grow Kit B+ XP by FreshMushrooms® For Sale


Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kit B+ XP by FreshMushrooms®

Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kit B+ XP by FreshMushrooms®. The B+ magic mushroom is a strong and easy-to-grow Psilocybe cubensis strain. B+ Magic mushrooms are a good choice for beginners and regular growers. The FreshMushrooms® B+ grow kit is very low in maintenance. The XP stands for Extra Potency!


Magic Mushroom Grow Kit B+ XP by FreshMushrooms® For Sale

 Magic Mushroom Grow Kit B+ XP by FreshMushrooms® – Easy Growing for High Harvests

Growing magic mushrooms with the B+ XP Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kits is a breeze. These maintenance-free kits are fully colonized with substrate and free of fillers, ensuring high levels of psilocin during your first flush. Follow the instructions below for a successful and bountiful harvest!


  • Fast growing: Expect the first pins in just 1 week.
  • High yields: Enjoy up to 4 flushes (under ideal conditions).
  • High Potency: The XP (Extra Potent) strains are reputed to be twice as potent.

Contents of B+ XP Mushroom Grow Kit:

  • 1x B+ Mushrooms Grow box: Contains rye substrate with active mycelium.
  • 1x Growbag: Equipped with filters for proper airflow.
  • 2x Paperclip: For securely closing the grow bag.


  • Misting Bottle: To maintain the humidity level.
  • Potable water: For misting and soaking.
  • Clean environment: Minimize the chance of contamination by working in a sterile area.

Recommended for Optimal Results:

  • Surgical gloves
  • Face mask
  • Disinfectant for hands
  • Disinfectant for surfaces
  • Soaking bag
  • Thermometer
  • Thermo mat


  • Close windows to prevent contamination.
  • Place the grow box on a disinfected surface when removing it from the carton box.
  • Work with clean hands and consider using surgical gloves and a facemask.

Instructions: Starting the B+ Magic Mushroom Grow Kit:

  1. Take out the magic mushroom grow kit, plastic bag, and paperclip from the box.
  2. Remove the lid of the grow kit and rinse it under running water (keep it for later use).
  3. Place the grow kit without the lid into the plastic bag, ensuring the micro perforation points upward to allow proper air circulation.
  4. Once you see the first small mushrooms (pins), stand the grow bag upright. Do not water at this stage.
  5. The first magic mushrooms will be visible approximately after 1 week.

Temperature and Light:

  • Ideal temperature: 18°C to 28°C (avoid direct sunlight).
  • Light requirement: Minimal light for the mycelium to “understand” it has reached the surface.


  • Mushrooms are ready to be picked when the veil between the cap and stem tears.
  • Use surgical gloves or disinfect your hands, wrists, and arms when picking.
  • Harvest before the first spores fall.

Multiple Flushes:

  • To encourage more harvests, perform a cold shock by filling the kit with clean tap water after the first harvest. Let the kit rest for 12 hours, then drain the excess water.

Storing the Grow Kit:


  • If no mushrooms grow for at least three weeks after the second flush or if the grow kit changes color (green, red, grey, or yellow), dispose of it in the garbage outside.

Spores and Sensible Use:

  • Picking mushrooms on time prevents spores from dropping, maintaining potency.
  • Please refer to the “responsible use” page for do’s and don’ts.
  • This kit is designed for small-scale home use only.

Conclusion: Growing magic mushrooms with the B+ XP Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit is a rewarding and straightforward experience. Follow these guidelines to achieve impressive yields and high potency for your home cultivation.


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